Racingline Group Joins 034Motorsport and EMPI





Milton Keynes, UK – 21 September 2020

The RacingLine group of companies has joined the Euro Motorparts Group (EMP) alongside 034Motorsport. The acquisition builds the platform for an unrivaled partnership of specialist automotive brands. This partnership represents the perfect fit with shared values built upon a shared passion for customer experience, service excellence, and technological advancements.

RacingLine has an illustrious history. Formed in Great Britain in 1997 as Volkswagen Motorsport UK Ltd, owned by Volkswagen Group AG in Germany, the company moved into private ownership in 2001 under Managing Director Sam Roach, continuing to operate the manufacturer’s factory motorsport programs for many years.

Today, RacingLine is a vibrant group of companies and remains a Tier-1 partner to many automotive manufacturers and blue-chip brands. To many, RacingLine is best known around the world for its fast-growing Performance division. Offering a premium-branded, high-performance parts and software range for Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, it has evolved directly from RacingLine’s ‘works’ motorsport experience, resources, and ethos.

RacingLine’s Events division delivers premium corporate events each year for the automotive sector. Meanwhile, RacingLine’s Motorsport heritage continues with its management of the UK’s prestigious FIA Formula 4 Championship.

“To open RacingLine’s next chapter alongside such esteemed brands as EMPI and 034Motorsport allows us to truly realize our vision for the company’s future. It represents the natural progression for our team, our partners, and our current and future customers,” explained Sam Roach, Managing Director of RacingLine.

“We’re proud of the rapid growth that our company has enjoyed over the past five years. Through this acquisition, we can unlock the resources to continue this momentum unabated. The ‘powerhouse’ that the partnership with EMPI and 034Motorsport represents will deliver us many opportunities to enhance our capabilities to excite and delight our customers. For us, it’s the right step, at the right time, with the right partners,” continued Roach.

“We cannot be more thrilled to join with Racingline Performance, a competitor we’ve always respected and now can collaborate directly with to do more of the things that have made us both successful. By sharing resources, expertise, and the drive of both companies to innovate, we feel we have created a force that the industry has never seen before,” Javad Shadzi, President 034Motorsport added.

Peter Guile, CEO of EMP Group, summarised, “RacingLine is the perfect addition to the EMP family. As an established business with a 50+ year history, EMP Group is ideally placed to partner with RacingLine, a high growth company, to provide the resources to accelerate product innovation and enhance logistics and product fulfillment. The positioning of RacingLine alongside 034Motorsport and the EMP family of brands reinforces our mission to fuel enthusiast’s passion, whether owners of classic VWs right through to modern performance vehicles. It’s a perfect fit that allows the whole to be much more than the individual parts.”


About Euro Motorparts Group (EMP)

While EMP Group is a new name in the automotive aftermarket, it brings a 50-year pedigree derived from its leading portfolio of brands, including EMPI Inc, JayCee Enterprises, 034Motorsport, alongside its newest member, the RacingLine Group of companies.

In October 2019, 034Motorsport joined the EMP Group. Founded in 2005, 034Motorsport has built an enviable reputation for performance parts, tuning, and service, with a passion for bringing motorsport-quality performance upgrades and tuning to Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW vehicles.

The addition of RacingLine to the EMP Group family of brands reinforces our mission to fuel enthusiasts’ passion – whether classic Bug owners or drivers of modern performance vehicles.



About EMPI, Inc.

EMPI Inc. is recognized by enthusiasts Worldwide as the premier brand of VW Performance and Appearance aftermarket products for the air-cooled market. For over 50 years, EMPI has been the supplier of choice, building on its racing and restoration heritage to provide the best quality, design, performance, and product availability. EMPI is committed to Air-Cooled VW’s while expanding the product offering to include a wide range of Water-Cooled VW products and Porsche performance parts.


About RacingLine Group

RacingLine was formed by Volkswagen AG, Wolfsburg, in 1997 as Volkswagen Motorsport UK Limited. The company was formed to run the manufacturer’s ‘works’ motorsport programs in the prestigious British Rally Championship and selected World Rally Championship events.

In 2001 Sam Roach, an experienced motorsport driver, purchased the full operation from Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg, renaming to RacingLine Ltd.

Today, based in Milton Keynes UK, the RacingLine Group is a vibrant group of companies. With RacingLine Events incorporated in 2007 and RacingLine Performance added to the portfolio in 2015, the Group remains a Tier-1 partner to many automotive manufacturers and blue-chip brands.

The company has earned a proud reputation amongst its clients for delivering exceptional products and services, founded upon a deep understanding of all aspects of the automotive sector amongst its team of experienced professionals. With the opportunity to join the EMP Group, the RacingLine team will build upon the firm foundations laid over the past 23 years.


About 034Motorsport

034Motorsport is the Audi and Volkswagen enthusiast’s premier destination for performance parts, tuning, and service. Founded by Javad Shadzi in 2005, with a passion for bringing motorsport-quality performance upgrades and tuning to Audi and Volkswagen vehicles. The
company has since evolved and grown to meet the expanding needs of enthusiasts, but the underlying passion for innovation, performance, and quality remains.

Enthusiasts operate 034Motorsport. This means you can expect knowledgeable advice and enthusiastic customer service every time. When we aren’t at work, you can find us at local car meets, Audi Club Track Days, or home wrenching on our cars. As enthusiasts, we understand the importance of a robust automotive community and give
back to the customers that we owe our success.

034Motorsport is a proud sponsor of Audi Club North America’s Golden Gate Chapter and many popular automotive forums, including Audizine, Fourtitude, GolfMkVI, VWvortex, and QuattroWorld. We also support numerous local VW and Audi clubs and frequently host events and get-togethers for club members.

For Enquiries

Cory Rider,
On behalf of EMP Group
301 E. Orangethorpe Ave
Anaheim, CA 92801, USA

Sam Roach,
4 Quattro Park, Tanners Drive
Blakelands, Milton Keynes
MK14 5FJ, United Kingdom

Nick Mercadante,
42968 Osgood Road
Fremont, CA 94539, USA

3.0T Advanced Launch Control Features Now Available!

Advanced Launch Control available now for 3.0T Equipped B8/8.5 S4/S5! 



Once again, 034Motorsport has pushed the boundaries of what is possible for the 3.0T Supercharged engines found in many Audi’s through our Dynamic+ tuning! After extensive development and refinement by our world-class tuning team, all existing and future 034Motorsport tuning customers will have access to all-new Advanced Launch Control programs.

These features allow you to customize your desired launch RPM on the fly via your cruise control stalk, run the intercooler pumps and engine fans at full speed to allow for full cooling during staging prior to drag racing. This provides a large advantage over factory launching protocols as it results in the coolest possible IATs, and allows the driver to adjust their launch settings to be the most optimal for their conditions. 


Two variants of Advanced Launch Control:

In order to have Advanced Launch Control work on every car, we created two variants. The first is the Soft LC variant found on Non-Test Pipe files, designed to function with stock or high flow catalytic converters. This launch variant is completely safe to be used with catalytic converters installed, as it utilizes a factory rev limiter style.

The second variant is the Ignition Cut LC variant found on our Test-Pipe* files. This file is designed for cars that are running test pipes or no catalytic converters for RACING USE ONLY. This variant is not permitted for on-road use on emissions controlled vehicles. You will experience much louder pops, as well as flames coming out of the tailpipe, making this unsafe for catalytic converters.


A breakdown of how both variants work


Advanced Launch Control features are enabled via cruise control stalk position:

CC off = Normal Launch Control

  • All existing forms of Launch Control will be activated (multi-point Launch Control adjusted by gas pedal position)
  • Fans and Coolant Pump will function as normal

CC on = 034 Advanced Launch Control Mode

  • Enables full speed engine fans and intercooler pump, allowing for full cooling during staging and less power draw when racing
    • Note: if battery voltage drops too low fans will automatically power down to ensure the battery is not drained too far.
    • Note 2: When idling engine RPM’s may increase from time to time to allow the alternator to provide more power for the fans
  • User-selectable launch RPM
    • When the vehicle is stopped the following cruise control stalk functions are enabled:
    • Pull CC stalk to “Resume” to see the current setpoint on the tachometer
    • Bump “Speed +” to increase the setpoint by 100RPM
    • Bump “Speed -” to decrease the setpoint by 100RPM
    • Press and hold “Set” while pressing brake when in park/neutral and rev engine to the desired RPM, release “Set” to lock Launch RPM at that exact point
  • RPM Ranges
    • Default RPM target: 2500RPM (will set to default after long power-off time, short on/off durations will not reset the launch rpm)
    • Minimum RPM target: 1800RPM
    • Maximum RPM target: 5000RPM
  • Comfort Mode vs Dynamic Mode for Test Pipe* files
    • If you are running the Test Pipe* file, you can toggle between Soft LC and Ignition cut LC based upon your Drive select mode. 
    • Comfort Mode: Soft LC, No Crackles
    • Dynamic Mode: Ignition Cut LC, Crackles enabled
    • Notes for Ignition Cut LC variant:

    • With the Ignition Cut LC variant, Flames are likely to occur out the tailpipes, due to the temperatures involved extended durations of full load operation in launch mode are not recommended.


How do I launch the car with the Advanced Launch Control?


Using Advanced Launch Control is very easy. As stated above, toggle the cruise control stalk into the ON position, and set your desired launch RPM via the methods above. Once your desired RPM has been set (which you can confirm by pulling forward on the CC stalk while idling), simply push the brake pedal all the way down, then the gas pedal, and release the brake pedal when you are ready to launch.

Vehicles with manual transmissions will follow all of the steps above to enable launch control, but instead of pressing the brake pedal, they will depress the clutch pedal. The launch rpm hold will release automatically as soon as the clutch is released.


How do I download this new update?


**The new Advanced Launch Control tuning is ECU based. Look for ECU Variant “R7.0 + Advanced Launch” in your flashing portal. DSG equipped cars must also flash the accompanying DSG tune marked “+Advanced Launch”**

Installing this new update is very easy! Simply connect your Dynamic+ End User Flashing Cable to your cars OBD 2 port, and open the Dynamic+ flashing portal on your laptop. From there, select your ECU controller to be ID’d. Once ID’d, you will be able to access the calibrations available for your box code. Simply select the proper variant with the attached note of “+Advanced Launch” and follow the standard flashing process. 

Once the ECU is flashed successfully, you must flash the accompanying DSG advanced launch control file (not necessarily for manual transmission vehicles).


NOTE: Be sure to select the proper file for your catalyst setup. Running the Test-Pipe file with catalytic converters installed can result in damage to your cats, high backpressure, or engine damage. Test Pipe files are for Racing Use Only!

Once installed, simply verify the new launch features are working properly by pulling your cruise control stalk towards you. If the tachometer jumps to and holds at 2500, then it is enabled and ready to be used! 

*Test Pipe files are for Racing Use Only

Now Available: LPI Fuel Injector Upgrade Kit for Audi 2.5 TFSI EVO DAZA

Product Description:

The 034Motorsport LPI Fuel Injector Upgrade Kit for the Audi 2.5 TFSI EVO DAZA engine enables running full E85 fuel with ample headroom. This kit is comprised of genuine Bosch fuel injectors and high-quality plug-and-play harness adapters, offering direct fitment for factory intake manifolds on DAZA equipped Audi 8V.5 RS3’s and 8S TTRS’s.


  • Genuine Bosch® Fuel Injectors
  • High-Quality Plug-and-Play Wiring Harness Adapters
  • Allows for Full E85 Support with 034Motorsport Stage 2+ Performance Software
  • Direct Fitment
  • Factory Style Install

What’s Included:

  • Genuine Bosch Fuel Injectors (x5)
  • High-Quality, Plug-and-Play Wiring Harness Adapters (x5)

Software Requirements:

  • Must Run a Stage 2 File Requiring Upgraded Low Pressure Injectors

Installation Tips:

  • Installation is fairly straightforward. We recommend removing the upper intake plenum for easy access to the fuel rail fittings

Available Now: Carbon Fiber Radiator Support Cover for Audi B9 A4/S4

034Motorsport’s Carbon Fiber Radiator Cover for the B9 Audi A4/S4 is designed to tastefully complement the factory engine bay with a beautiful carbon fiber weave that is perfectly matched to our X34 Carbon Fiber Audi B9 S4 Air Intake.

This genuine carbon fiber cover is a direct replacement for the plastic factory radiator cover, utilizing the factory Audi mounting provisions, for a true OEM+ appearance.


  • OEM+ Carbon Fiber Quality and Fitment
  • Very Easy to Install and Completely Reversible
  • Matches other OEM and 034Motorsport Carbon Fiber Weaves
  • Beautifully Compliments the Engine Bay

What’s Included:

  • Carbon Fiber Radiator Support Cover
  • Authentic 034Motorsport Product Holographic Decal