034Motorsport N95 Mask GoFundMe Campaign

A message from our CEO, Javad Shadzi

After our post yesterday, we received disturbingly high amounts of messages from healthcare workers across the country in dire need of PPE supplies, some resorting to reusing 10 day old masks while handling patients in crowded hospitals. We knew that more had to be done, and ordered 20,000 additional masks yesterday afternoon to send out. As the night has gone on, so have the messages, showing us that more must be done. 

Despite our best efforts, there is a very limited amount of masks we can buy purely on our own, so we thought, we must bring in more resources to make this effort bigger.  Front line medical workers are saving lives w/o the proper protection, they deserve more especially if we have the source to bring these N95 masks to them.

We would like to call our customers and fans into action to join us in this effort of getting critical medical protection supplies, such as N95 masks, to our healthcare workers on the front lines across the US. 

With a single donation of $1.50, you can help supply one doctor or nurse with life saving PPE for another shift while they work hard to provide medical attention to those in need. If you are so kind to donate more, we at 034Motorsport would like to thank you even further, by offering a 5% discount for any retail order placed on our website for donations over $20. If you donate $50 or more, we will happily provide you with a 10% discount on any retail order you make with us during these difficult times. 

All donation proceeds will go towards the procurement and delivery of N95 masks to be sent to medical centers in need. If you or a loved one are in dire need of N95 masks at a medical facility you work in, please message us or email social@034motorsport.com with shipping information and we will do our best to send supplies. 

Our hearts go out to those who have become ill, or lost their lives to this horrible disease, and to those who have become ill or died trying to save others. We make automotive performance products, we don’t save lives. Together, we can help the brave men and women across this country that do.

GoFundMe link: https://www.gofundme.com/f/034motorsport-n95-fundraiser


Javad Shadzi and the whole 034Motorsport Family


*Terms & Conditions: Must email contact@034motorsport.com with a valid GoFundMe donation receipt to redeem the listed order discounts. Only orders placed by retail customers are eligible for discount. The discount is valid for the total sum of one order. A subsequent donation will make you eligible for another coupon code, but only one code can be used per order. All proceeds of the GoFundMe campaign will be used only for the procurement, and delivery of N95 masks to medical centers in need.*

Available Now: X34 Carbon Fiber Full Intake System for Audi B9 S4/S5

034Motorsport's X34 Carbon Fiber Full Intake System delivers improved power, sound, and acceleration to B9 Audi S4/S5 owners in a clean OEM+ package. Through extensive evaluation of the factory air duct and airbox designs, 034Motorsport's engineers were able to create a performance replacement that allows for increased airflow to the turbocharger and engine. The X34 Carbon Fiber Full Intake System offers measurable performance improvements, simple bolt-on installation, and unsurpassed fit and finish.


  • Developed In-House by 034Motorsport's Engineering Team
  • Fits Both Left and Right Hand Drive Configurations
  • High-Quality Carbon Fiber Air Duct, Airbox, and Filter Tube Construction
  • High-Gloss Epoxy Finish
  • OEM+ Fit and Finish
  • Dyno-Proven Horsepower Torque Gains
  • Improved Airflow from Factory Airbox and Intake Tube
  • Enhanced Engine Induction Sounds
  • Improved Throttle Response
  • Massive 5" Inlet Conical Pleated Cotton Air Filter
  • Large-Diameter CFD-Optimized Carbon Fiber Filter Tube
  • Reduced Intake Air Temperature
  • Securely Installs Using Factory Mounting Grommets
  • Simple, Straightforward Installation Instructions

Now Available: Density Line Engine Cover Grommets for Audi 8V.5 RS3 & 8S TTRS

A tuned Audi 2.5TFSI EVO DAZA engine in the Audi 8V.5 RS3 or 8S TTRS makes so much power that the acceleration rips the engine's face right off! Keep your engine cover where it belongs by replacing the OE rubber engine cover grommets with 034Motorsport's Density Line Engine Cover Grommets. The higher durometer rubber retains the engine cover in its proper location regardless of how hard the car can be launched. The stiffer rubber also prevents the engine cover grommets from pushing through the grommet hole and falling out.


  • Heavy Duty Design Resists Engine Cover Grommets from Pushing Through and Becoming Lost
  • Higher Durometer Rubber Keeps Engine Cover in Place
  • Easy to Install
  • Replaces Missing/Lost Factory Pieces
  • Sold in Packs of Four. One Pace Per Vehicle
  • Direct Replacement for Factory Grommet 1T0 805 673 A


  • 2017-Present Audi 8V.5 RS3
  • 2018-Present Audi 8S TTRS

034Motorsport-Tuned B8 Audi S4 Claims 1/4 Mile Record!

B8 S4 Tuned by 034Motorsport sets World Record for ET and Trap Speed: 10.3@125MPH, 10.4@132MPH!

We at 034Motorsport want to extend a huge congratulations to our customer Rushil Patel over in Florida for setting the fastest 1/4 mile time and trap speed ever run for the B8/8.5 S4 platform, with a blisteringly quick 10.395 @ 125mph, followed by a 10.4 @ 132mph. Drag racing is a cornerstone of 034’s beginning, and it’s great to see our customers enjoying it too!

Equipped with our 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Stage 2+ Throttle Body Tune and accompanying hardware, Rushil and his S4 set out to an open test and tune day at Orlando Speed World. On his first run out of the gate, he nailed down the World Record ET of 10.395! Unfortunately, he ran out of fuel on the top end, resulting in a lower trap speed than the rest of his runs.


A quick refuel of Pump E85 and MS109 mixed to E50, and he was back out on the track. By then conditions were not as ideal, and track prep was gone. With these setbacks, he still managed to nail down a 10.4 @ 132MPH! This is even more impressive considering that he is running all run of the mill hardware, and an ECU/TCU tune combo that he daily drives on! This is a true testament to the work we at 034Motorsport put into making our tunes not only perform great, but retain some of the best reliability/drivability possible.

Rushil reached out to us at 034Motorsport a little under a year ago, stating he wanted the World Record for the platform, and wanted to do it with 034Motorsport’s Tuning. It is our pleasure to congratulate him on doing exactly that! We absolutely love to see our customers pushing the boundaries of what is the norm, and showing the world what 034Motorsport is capable of!


Track Conditions (via DragTimes):

  • DA: -439 FT
  • Track Elevation: 106 feet above sea level
  • Air Temperature: 56.17 degrees F
  • Barometric Pressure: 30.33 inches Hg
  • Relative Humidity: 42%


Questions about how 034Motorsport Tuning and Hardware can have your car running the same times? Email contact@034motorsport.com and our team will be happy to assist!